Past IDI Grant Recipients

As the program grows and projects are funded and successfully carried out, information about those projects will be added here to help inform groups or individuals that are interested in applying for their own grant in the future.

Information about previous IDI grant projects will also be archived here so that it can serve as resource for the greater GW community. By connecting university members looking to implement diversity and inclusion related activities in their respective roles with diversity practitioners currently at GW -- that is, former and current IDI grant recipients -- the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement hopes to continue building on the success of the IDI projects even after they have ended. Sharing the successes, challenges, and lessons learned of previous IDI grant projects is an important step in achieving the IDI program's mission to "equip our community members with the skills and resources to accomplish institutional goals related to diversity and inclusion."

Please feel free to reach out to specific groups using the available contact information included with each project abstract.

First Cohort - IDI Grants implemented in Spring 2013

Second Cohort - IDI Grants implemented during the 2013-2014 Academic Year