The Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement is committed to providing members of the GW community with multiple forms of education.  Through our online Resource page, we aim to create a space where individuals are able to access articles, books, and videos about particular topics related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.  We will actively add new content to the website, and believe this will be a living and continuously evolving part of our page.  If you have resources that you would like to submit for us to consider including, please email us at [email protected].  

The Resource page contents were initially developed by Dwayne Hamilton, Jr. (ODECE Summer 2020 Intern with Dr. Jordan S. West) and ShanTorrian Underwood (ODECE Student Staff Member).

Resources on Allyship

Resources on Anti-Semitism

Resources on the Black Experience

Resources on Decolonization

Resources on Disability Culture

Resources on Elections and Politics

Resources on Gender and Sexuality

Resources on Implicit Bias & Microaggressions

Resources on Intersectionality

Resources on Race & Anti-Racism

Resources for Faculty

Resources on Safely Protesting

Resources on Social Class 

Resources on Wellness 

Black-Owned Businesses in the DMV-Area

Resources to Further Education

Chosen Name, Gender Identity & Pronouns