Scholar Activities

The Stephen Joel Trachtenberg (SJT) Scholarship family prides itself on academic excellence, cultural awareness, spiritual growth, leadership, accountability, integrity and community service. Through our programmatic efforts, discussions, scheduled meeting and outings, the SJT Scholars cultivate strong ties with each other and meaningful relationships with the university at-large.

To help facilitate the development of each student, SJT Scholars participate in activities and events over the course of each academic year.

Weekly Seminars and General Body Meetings

SJT Scholars attend weekly seminars and/or monthly general body meetings (GBM) with the scholarship faculty and administrator mentors, which provide personal and professional development training opportunities. Examples include:

  • resume building,
  • public speaking,
  • mock interviews,
  • research,
  • career education,
  • graduate school application assistance and
  • financial management

GBMs are also an opportunity for scholars, faculty and administrators to address general academic, social or administrative concerns, announce upcoming events and recognize recent scholar 

Midterm Evaluations

Each scholar has a one-on-one meeting with the program faculty and administrator mentors during the midterm period each semester to discuss their academic progress, goals and any other topics relevant to their holistic development.

Community Service

SJT Scholars are required to do at least 20 hours of direct community service, both in partnership with and outside of GW, each semester. These service projects are an opportunity for the scholars to identify, create and execute unique initiatives that demonstrate commitment to and concern for those in need. Scholars also serve as participants and team leaders for the annual Welcome Day of Service and MLK Day of Service and Leadership programs.


SJT Scholars are strongly encouraged to serve as student ambassadors for GW. This role includes but is not limited to:


Junior and senior SJT Scholars are required to serve as mentors not only to the first- and second-year SJT Scholars but also to other first- and second-year students in different student cohorts. 

Student Success Workshops

All scholars are encouraged to participate in workshops designed to enhance academic and student success. All first-year and second-year scholars, identified by the the SJT scholar faculty and staff mentors or the Student Success team, are required to attend tutoring, academic, and student success workshops.

Senior Exit Interviews

During the last week of April, graduating SJT Scholars meet with administrators to discuss their experiences and make recommendations for the program.