Report a Bias Incident Online


GW is committed to fostering the safest and most welcoming community for all students. It is the responsibility of each person within the GW community to create an environment in which others can thrive without fear of hate or bias. 

Students who have been the target of, or who witness, a hate or bias incident may use this online form to make the university aware of these incidents. In addition, hate or bias incidents may be reported through other reporting options outlined on the How To Report a Bias-Related Incident page.

Faculty/Staff members: Always err on the side of reporting. If you think you have information regarding a bias incident, report it. Each report is an opportunity to provide services and support to a student.

    If this is an EMERGENCY situation, CALL 911 or contact the GW Police Department at 202-994-6111. Do not use this form to report events that present an immediate threat to health or safety.

    When reporting hate or bias incidents through this form, please also note the following:

    • If you report anonymously, please note that this will significantly limit the Bias Incident Response Team's (BIRT) and the university's ability to address your concerns. That said, the BIRT will make every effort to use information obtained in an anonymous report to provide support and resources for affected students. 
    • Your confidentiality and trust is very important to us. We will make every effort to respect your privacy. Please be aware, however, in certain circumstances involving safety or criminal action, we may not be able to guarantee complete anonymity. Regardless of the situations, matters are generally handled discretely and in conformity with university privacy policies, and information about individuals or situations will only be shared with individuals with a legitimate need to know. The university also has strong anti-retaliation policies that protect individuals who report incidents or cooperate in an investigation.
    • Anyone reporting an incident through this portal who does not want to report anonymously is encouraged to provide either a phone number or an e-mail address so that we may contact you if there is a need for clarification or if additional questions or concerns arise. Also, if you want to receive a copy of your report, you will need to enter an email address in the top section.
    • Students, staff, and faculty who report bias-related acts can expect that their report will be acknowledged within 48 business hours.
    • Students may also contact the Colonial Health Center for medical and psychological services 24-hours a day by calling 202-994-5300.
    • If you have any questions about filing or completing a report, please contact the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, Building YY, 812 20th St. NW, Washington, DC  20052, 202-994-7434.

    Your Information

    Involved parties

    Please use the menus below to list the individuals involved (including yourself, if appropriate or if you choose) and provide as much information in the listed fields as you can. Witnesses should also be identified here. If there are more than 5 parties, please indicate additional parties in the description box below and a member from BIRT will follow up.

    If the name/identity of a person is unknown to you, please enter "Unknown Person" as the name in this section and then describe the individual(s) in as much detail as possible below in your narrative. This could include the person's age, sex, physical appearance/characteristics (height, weight, skin tone, hair color/texture, eye color, facial hair, etc.) as well as a description of their clothing, accessories, and any distinguishing features or characteristics. You should also identify any known affiliations (school they attend, organization they might belong to, etc.).

    Nature of the alleged bias (required)
    Please check all the categories below that describe this incident. We also strongly encourage you to fully describe, in the narrative section below, all the details of the incident, including the reasons you believe the incident was motivated by bias.(Required)
    Nature of the incident (required)
    Again, please check all types of conduct involved in this incident. Please also be sure to fully describe the incident in the section below.
    Please provide a detailed description of the incident/concern using specific, concise, objective language.
    University follow-up (required)
    Please indicate whether you would like a member of the Bias Incident Response Team to contact you for further follow up. Depending upon the specific incident, additional members of the GW community and/or outside experts may be consulted or otherwise asked to partner with the team on developing a response. In certain circumstances involving safety or criminal action, we may not be able to guarantee complete anonymity.
    Photos, video, email, and other supporting documents may be attached here. 256MB maximum file size. Attachments require time to upload, so please be patient after submitting this form.
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