GW Statement on Diversity and Inclusion


The George Washington University Statement on Diversity and Inclusion Diversity is crucial to an educational institution's pursuit of excellence in learning, research and service. In pursuit of those goals, a population of students, faculty, and staff with differing perspectives, backgrounds, talents and needs can lead to a richer mix of ideas, energizing and enlightening debates, deeper commitments, and a host of educational, civic and work outcomes.

Leveraging diversity is rarely achieved by accident. As individuals and as an institution, we must intentionally act to create the diverse and inclusive community that enables everyone to flourish. All members and units of the George Washington University community must advance the institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority.

The following principles guide our conduct and decision-making:


The university is committed to recruiting, admitting and enrolling undergraduate and graduate students drawn from varying backgrounds or identities throughout all schools and departments.

Faculty and Staff Workforce

The university is committed to recruiting, interviewing and hiring faculty, staff, and senior administrators drawn from varying backgrounds and identities throughout all departments and schools.

Board and Council Membership

The university’s governing and advisory bodies reflect the rich diversity of our community and the geographic community in which we reside.

Community Partners

The university shares its commitment to diversity and inclusion with its local, national and international partners and seeks partners that reflect the diversity of our community. Organizations with a proven record of a commitment to diversity and an ongoing demonstration of these values in their governing and employment practices, delivery of products and services, and organizational philosophies are given strong consideration in competitive circumstances.

Teaching and Research

Diversity is of vital importance to the university’s intellectual mission. Various perspectives inform GW’s curricular, co-curricular, and research endeavors resulting in creative and innovative outcomes and helping attract and retain individuals with diverse backgrounds. In addition these activities give faculty and students an opportunity to engage in rigorous critical analysis of cultural, ethnic, racial, and other related differences.


The university holds its members accountable for sustaining an academic, work and social environment that values open communication, respectful interactions, and civility. We have a shared responsibility for the well being of others.