Scholar Expectations

The quality of the Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship (SJT) demands a high standard of excellence. For SJT Scholars to retain their membership and scholarship for their entire undergraduate enrollment, all academic, disciplinary and program-related expectations must be met. Each cohort of scholars is based on a self-governing community model in which team members support and enforce expectations together.


Scholars are required to earn a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Additionally, Scholars are required to apply annually for the financial contribution of the D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant, to which they are entitled as D.C. residents.


Scholars are selected for their maturity and willingness to uphold the mission and ideals of the George Washington University (GW). SJT Scholars must routinely exhibit courteous and respectful behavior as ambassadors of both the university and the scholarship as they adhere to the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Student Conduct.


SJT Scholars are required to attend monthly meetings with the administrators of the scholarship and to participate in group activities with their fellow scholarship members. Scholars are also encouraged to participate in research, fellowship opportunities, community service and other leadership activities independently while enrolled at GW.