PCDI Work Groups

The Council established work groups to support the PCDI’s efforts in specific areas of interest in the university

Academic Experience (faculty and curriculum) (AE)

(formerly the Faculty Recruitment and Retention work group)
Researches and suggests strategies and resources to increase the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and enhancements to curricula and co-curricula to improve the student experience inside and outside the classroom
Communications (C)
Ensures there are a robust and visible display of GW’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on all our campuses and a sharing of best practices to achieve goals in these areas through, for example, university communications, web sites, blogs, and social media.
External Relations (ER)
Identifies and supports efforts to strengthen and improve GW’s relationship with and contributions to the surrounding community of which we are a part.
Nominations (N)
Implements the annual process for recruiting and selecting members to serve on the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion and its Work Groups.
Research, Evaluation and Assessment (REAC)
Supports the Council’s efforts to impact the design, analysis, dissemination, and evaluation of campus-wide initiatives and interventions for the purpose of accomplishing GW’s diversity and inclusion goals.
Employment Experience (EE)
(formerly the HR advisory group)
Works on matters related to recruiting, retaining, managing and developing a diverse workforce and for maintaining a climate that enables all employees to thrive.
Student and Alumni Experience (SAE)
(formerly the Campus Outreach and Programming and Student Support and Alumni Engagement groups)
Works on matters related to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, creating and maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment for students and enhancing the alumni experience.