President's Council

The President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion

President Emeritus Steven Knapp established the President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion in February 2010. The council is comprised of various members of the George Washington University community -- students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Through collaboration, research, and action, the PCDI proposes a series of best practices that benefit all members of the GW community, enhance the experience of traditionally underrepresented populations, and cultivate a more inclusive climate for students, staff, faculty and the broader community of which George Washington is an integral part.

The President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion has members from across the GW community. It includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni from various schools and other units of the university. Additionally, work groups have been created to support the council’s efforts around the following areas:

  1. Academic Experience (faculty and curriculum)
  2. Communications
  3. External Relations
  4. Nominations
  5. Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
  6. Employment Experience
  7. Student and Alumni Experience

GW Statement on Diversity and Inclusion