GW Tutoring Initiative

The GW Tutoring Initiative provides free peer-to-peer tutoring services and resources to all GW students in a wide range of undergraduate courses. As a student you have 10 free hours of one-on-one tutoring to use each academic year and unlimited group tutoring and drop-in sessions.

Our tutors are current GW students who have successfully completed the courses they’re providing tutoring for and receive training from us every semester.

Individual Sessions

We offer individual tutoring sessions in a variety of courses, which are subject to change each semester. Submit a request if you're interested in receiving individual tutoring. Your request may take three to four business days to process.

Drop-In Sessions

In a rush? Don't have much free time, but need tutoring? Utilize our drop-in tutoring hours. You do not have to submit a request and can use an unlimited number of hours. Show up to the session and receive tutoring from one of our tutors

Drop-In Hours for the Fall 2016 semester are:


Mondays, 3-5pm- Gelman 218A

Wednesdays, 4-6pm- Gelman 218A


Mondays, 4-6pm- Gelman 218A


Thursdays, 7-9pm- Gelman 218A

Group Sessions

We offer unlimited group sessions for students. There must be at least three students who need tutoring in the same course for it to be considered a group session. Submit a request if you're interested in group tutoring. Your request may take three to four business days to process.

Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring program available to all students, you may gain access to the website through a code provided by the GW Tutoring Initiative. Access the website 24/7 and choose from various tutoring options, including drop-in sessions, off-line questions and scheduled tutoring sessions. 

Contact us at or 202-994-6927 if you need an access code for the Smarthinking website.

Department & Program Tutoring

If you need assistance with a course or particular subject area that falls outside of our offerings, review the options for additional resources and tutoring support on campus. 

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